Layne Baechler

// Guitar

Arron Crook

// Vocals

Hunter Hansen

// Guitar

Jordan Potekal

// Bass


     Telling the hard truth with a grin, then moving and shaking away from it with an honest yet reckless abandon. Calgary based The Northern Coast have evolved into a diverse, bold group with a relentless high energy live show. 


Their sound is inspired by personal tales of dreams, lust, and loss set to the backdrop of the harsh Canadian climate. Through folk roots and blaring blues riffs a heartbeat of thumping sound will grab you by the heartstrings. From songs off of their debut EP “Revelry” like the fuzz-induced, stomp- charged “Georgia moon”, to the cheeky anti-love song “Fickle”, with it’s contradiction laced lyrics.


2019 ushers in their first full length album “The Great Divide” recorded at OCL studios, produced and engineered by Josh Rob Gwillam (Shred Kelly, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Reuben & the Dark). "The Great Divide" is a melodic journey that describes the rollercoaster of love itself, and the reflection after you step off the ride. 8 songs of cutting, dynamic honesty through storytelling and sonically sharp rhythms.

Since the formation of the group, they have played a countless number of shows across Canada including appearances at NXNE in Toronto, BIG winter classic, and Circle the Wagons. After releasing their debut EP “Revelry” they supported Canadian heavyweights The Rural Alberta Advantage for two sold out shows in Vancouver and Calgary, as well as LA based MT. Joy in Calgary. 2019 has so far seen them tour across western Canada, a support appearance with Wintersleep in Calgary and a showcase slot to Breakout West festival 2019.

'It's rare these days to make full albums when most artists are doing the single game, but The Northern Coast wouldn't have it any other way. These guys definitely pushed themselves while tracking this thing. Blood, sweat, and tears the whole way through. Break- ups, job loss, member changes - all this stress taken out in the studio. My favourite part of this record was highlighting the chill crooner vocal style with some of the hardest hitting drums I've ever tracked. Can't wait for this record to come out. “


-Josh Rob Gwilliam -OCL studios

"It’s actually one of the brashest, slickest, stylistically and sonically emphatically assured rock records to come out of this city in some time, and one that could and should travel far and wide over the airwaves.

Marrying ’90s North American swagger with some melodic U.K. pop and sheen, there’s a soaring and anthemic singalong quality to some of the tunes that would translate beautifully in a small sweaty club"

-Mike Bell -yyc scene